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Top 7 Kenyan Universities That Can Get You Quick Employment After Graduation

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People believe a good higher institutions can help transition students from full-time students to full-fledged adults in the working world, and that a good institution produces nothing less, could it be entirely true?

Well, every graduate while in school anticipates the kind of job his or her qualification and ability would fetch not the university attended. Even before students completed their studies, their focus will have shifted to proving what makes them shine above their peers in the job market, aside from their qualifications. Knowing that employers need to know why they may be a good fit for their particular company or organisation. Little did they know that the school in which they obtained their qualifications may someday matter more than the qualification itself.  A report by Corporate Staffing Services, a local human resources company reveals that employers rarely go for job seekers who schooled in certain schools.

In as much as I congratulate all the Kenyan university graduates. After all, their studies and efforts have brought them somewhere, even if it hasn’t fetched them a job but at least it has gotten them somewhere around the next phase of their life. But the report shows some schools are preferred more than others while others are never remembered.

On this list, the most preferred schools by employers are stated first before the least preferred according to the report.

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