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12 Celebrity Kids That Are Complete Disappointments To Their Parents And Have Brought All Sought Of Shame To Their Family – No 1 Will Shock You!

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Celebrity Kids That Disappointed Their Parents – It’s not always easy to try and live up to your parents’ expectations. Whether it’s the people you date, the career you choose or their opinion on your overall lifestyle, most individuals have a pretty good idea of what their parents expect from them.

That pressure becomes all the more apparent when your mother or father just happens to be one of the most famous people in the world. Not only do you have the inherent expectation that you also must be successful, but you know that society is going to be keeping tabs on you, perhaps especially if you are not so successful.

Below we have 12 celebrities and their children that definitely did not live up to their expectations. That doesn’t mean some of these celebrities and their offspring are not talented or rich, but it does mean they’ve all exhibited behavior that did not make Mom and Dad proud.

Whether it is doing so much coke their nose was clogged, going to jail for several years (including one kid who spent 2 years in solitary confinement) or participating in some adult entertainment (when she was 18!), we’ve got some celebrity children that ran into problems in a variety of situations. Suri Cruise also makes the list, but when you find out how long it’s been since Tom has seen her, as well as the reasons why, you’ll understand how disappointed he must be in her.

One thing will definitely become clear by the end of the list, just because Mommy or Daddy is rich and famous, does not mean you have an easy life set out for you.

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