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15 Married Actors Who Had Affairs Working On Set

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It’s long been known and ridiculed that celebrities have about as muchloyalty to their partners as dolphins, better known as the tramps of the ocean. For whatever reason, celebs switch partners like they’re dancing the Do-Si-Do. While there are definitely some beautiful love stories and long-lasting relationships, it’s far more normal for engagements to last a couple of months and marriages to last not much longer than that. What is the reasoning behind this phenomenon? We don’t know. What we are interested in, however, is when these partner “switches” take place. Especially when those switches, or affairs as the rest of the English-speaking world calls them, happen on the set of a movie.

Whenever you ask an actor, do you ever get feelings for another actor if you’re pretending you have feelings for them on set? Many get shocked. “My word! Of course not! This is a job!” But then, every year we see some actor getting busted for sleeping around with a co-star. People may think, but yeah, coworkers in every profession fall for each other. This is nothing new. Sure, but co-workers in most other professions don’t kiss each other and pretend to be in a relationship as their jobs. This is most definitely different. Maybe that’s why it happens so often in Hollywood. These adulterous actors get a taste of life with each other and decide to give it a go for real. So let’s dig in. Let’s talk behind the backs of these adulterers. Here are 15 actors who had an affairs on the set of their films.

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