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Meet the 10 Richest Families in America 2016 [Guess the #1 Richest?]

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10-dan-110) Duncan family (Net worth: $22.4 billion)

The Duncan family made its fortune in the pipelines industry. Dan Duncan, who was born poor in rural Texas, was raised by his grandmother after his mother and brother died when he was seven.

When Duncan passed away in 2010 he was 77. He left his fortune worth around $10 billion to his four children. Since then the family wealth has more than doubled due to increase in stock price of the family business Enterprise Products Partners.

9-ed-johnson-19) (Edward) Johnson family (Net worth: $26 billion

The Johnson family members own around 49 percent of Fidelity, the second largest mutual fund company in the US. It manages assets worth around $1.8 trillion.

The Boston-based behemoth was founded by Edward C. Johnson II in 1946. His son Edward “Ned” Johnson III ran the company from 1977 to 2014, when he stepped down as CEO. Currently he is the chairman and his daughter Abigail is the CEO.

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