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The 20 Most Powerful Arab Women 2016

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#18 Samia Halaby


Industry: Arts and Entertainment
Country: Palestine

Samia Halaby is one of the Arab world’s best-known and most distinguished female artists. Fleeing with her family from Palestine to Beirut in 1948, and later to the US in 1951, Halaby studied design at the University of Cincinnati and painting at Indiana University. She later taught at some of the world’s most prestigious art institutions, such as The Cooper Union, Bir Zeit University in the West Bank, and the University of Michigan. She was also the first female art professor to teach at the Yale School of Art.

#17 Amal Cloone


Industry: Law
Country: Lebanon

Lawyer Amal Clooney — nee Alamuddin — is taking on governments in Azerbaijan, the Maldives and Egypt over human rights. Her clients have included Julian Assange and Yulia Tymoshenko. Clooney has also been appointed to a number of UN commissions, including advisor to Special Envoy Kofi Annan on Syria, and Counsel to the 2013 Drone Inquiry by the UN’s Ben Emmerson QC.

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