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Xenophobic: 8 DISTURBING REASONS Nigerians get attacked by South Africans [#7 will shock you]]

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The xenophobic attack launched on Nigerians in South Africa has become a major point of concern to people within and outside the country. It is intriguing that Nigerians in that country are subjected to a fate as terrible as that given the origin of both countries.

With the series of events recorded as regards to the xenophobic attacks, Nigerians at home have lost interest in visiting that part of Africa for fear of being mobbed or killed. While the situation at hand does not speak well of Africa as the mother of the countries not on par, there are serious implications that things could become worse and rob the countries of future international relationship.

Within the last two years, about 116 Nigerians have lost their lives in South Africa through extra-judicial means. The federal government has called the South African Government to take firm measures that will protect Nigerian citizens and other Africans in the country.

The situation at hand has left many people befuddled as no one ever expected that a country that has fought so hard to overcome apartheid will turn her back on other Africans.

Racism is at its peak in South Africa as the most of the citizens are ethnocentric and are unwilling to tolerate citizens from other countries.

If an African country could stir and turn its back on citizens linked to their root source, it is futile asking the other nations in the world to be at peace with one another.

Many reasons have been launched forward as to why Nigerians are being attacked by South Africans. Even though some of the reasons are farcical, one cannot help but consider the element of truth in them.

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