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Everything you need to become a SAKAWA/YAHOO Boy this year

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Once upon a time, hustle and dedication translated into plenty money.

Nowadays, hustle is just another name for hard work, you can ‘hustle’ like a donkey and still go to bed hungrier than when you woke.

While I was growing up, I would tell my mum that I wanted to become a pilot so I could fly to other countries and make the kind of money that doesn’t finish and she would massage my morale with quotes like ‘If you can work hard and believe in God, anything is achievable’.

I’m considerably grown now, and nobody has time to massage anything. It’s almost like money is fighting with the streets of Lagos. Nobody checks their bank account balance anymore, mostly because it is somewhat connected to their blood pressure.

Everybody is broke, except Sakawa/Yahoo boys. 🙂

Those young brothers operate in a completely different economy. They laugh while the rest of us consider what kind of life we’re living. They oppress common folks at every chance they get.

Now small and medium scale evil demons and baby boys have to set up a planning committee before they hit the club because you’ll be slowly sipping the Jack Daniels that God has blessed you with when all the lights will go off because one small black boy has bought 12 bottles of Moet.

Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of work not to want to be like these guys. Don’t you just wish you could throw money away like that? In the spirit of the season, we’ve decided to help you.

Being an original Sakawa/Yahoo Boy takes a lot of work, but to make it easy, we’ve made a list of what sets you apart from an ordinary hustler. You can finally be on your way to your one Million dollar dream.

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