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Everything you need to become a SAKAWA/YAHOO Boy this year

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#3:. Banging Instagram

Remember those days when you used your Instagram account to share your favourite moments – when every picture was a story of your experiences with the people you love. Don’t you miss them?

Those days have passed away. If you are very wise, you will even start by deleting all those God-forsaken pictures of you and your hostel mates fooling yourselves in University. Every picture you upload now must have meaning; either you or another hustler just bought something new or you just went somewhere you thought you’d never go in your life.

In order to inspire other hustlers like yourselves all around the world, you should also add a motivational speech as your caption. Something like ‘Today is the Tomorrow You Worried about Yesterday’ or ‘Don’t worry about the sleepless nights, the money’s coming in the morning’.

Don’t be selfish with the success you’re praying for.

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