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#4:. Bottle Popping Lifestyle

It’s a Friday night and you’re in the corner of the VIP section of a popular club in Lagos Island. You catch glances from the girls your guys have brought with them – they’re admiring your chains while you sip fine brandy with cranberry. At one point, you notice two peasants in the same section order a bottle of champagne and you decide – the time is right.

You raise two fingers up to get the waitress’ attention and gesture for her to come over. She moves to your table, bends over with a smile and you whisper, “6 bottles of Belaire Rose”. She looks at you with something like adoration and respect as she sways into the crowd.

Moments later, you see sparkling lights in the near distance, the whole room goes dark and the national anthem of bottle service comes on – Undertaker’s familiar bell from the WWE.

As the hype man starts shouting your name, you take the first of the bottles and pop it on anybody in sight. Yes, I know half of everything will spill all over the floor but nobody must know you’re not happy about it. Smile like the happy rich man you’re supposed to be and pop as many bottles for as long as you can.

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