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7 things you should know about your DREAMS [See them – #6 will shock you]

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#5:. The Best Way to Remember Your Dreams is to Stay Put When You Wake Up

Immediately you wake from a dream you seem to have forgotten and want to remember, just lie still and don’t move a muscle for some time. As you do, take your mind back and slowly latch on to the bits of the dream you begin to remember until the whole thing comes to you. It’s not something you do forcefully or with tension, but rather you relax in a sort of semi-dreamlike state and calmly explore your mind to reach for the memories.

The reason you remain in the position you woke up in is because that was the position you were dreaming in. When you move your body, you more or less disconnect yourself from the dream you were in just seconds ago.

#6:. Recurring Dreams Can Be Subliminal

If you keep having the same dreams or nightmares over and over again, you should check for underlying messages in the dreams. For example, according to Loewenberg, a renowned dream expert, if you keep dreaming of losing your teeth or of your teeth being cracked, you should then think of what your teeth and mouth represent. To the dreaming mind, you teeth and any part of your mouth mostly symbolize your words, your communications. The dreams might be trying to tell you to monitor and improve the way you communicate.

Also, especially when the recurring dreams are strange, another way to interpret what they are trying to communicate is to analyze how the dreams make you feel. The meaning of these dreams often times relates to things we need to understand about ourselves and the world around us.

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