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About LG

LoudestGist (LG) is a leading infotainment portal in Africa. (We publish facts – Top 10, Top 5, Top 20, Top Anything Lol 🙂 , across Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and other african countries )

This Portal is always updated 247 to disseminate most interesting facts across various categories such as;

LoudestGist.com have mini-portals which operates as a standalone websites. The mini-portals are;

  • LG Wikipedia: which focus on biographies and net worth of notable/famous figures in African.
  • LG Buzz Africa: which focus on breaking news, gossip, politics, business and sport in African.

When you are through with LoudestGist.com, you can also visit these mini portals LG Wikipedia and LG – Buzz Africa

Hope you will enjoy all the articles on this mini-portals

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